What they learn.

School Year Curriculum:

This year we implemented our new purpose-driven curriculum. The goal is to assist the girls in locating their purpose, which we believe will develop a certain level of focus within them. We will empower them to write a business plan, incorporate their businesses, develop a financial budget, open bank accounts, and create an opportunity for them to operate their business during the school year. Ultimately, we want to partner with major corporations and get them to offer our students their initial start-up funding and/or a scholarship to further their education.

Although we will be implementing these changes within our curriculum, we will maintain the portion of our curriculum that concentrates on emotional, spiritual, and physically wholeness. Ultimately, our goal is to empower young ladies to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationally FLY. We are preparing them to be FLY inside and out.

FLY Life Adult Leaders

FLY Life is a lifestyle organization. The mission of the organization is to empower girls to live FLY inside and out. We want them to be leaders in every aspect of life: their faith, family, relationships, career choice, financially, and socially. Therefore, the goal of the mentors of this organization is to SERVE, EMPOWER, INSPIRE, and EQUIP young ladies ages 8-18 to become EFFICIENT leaders. We potentially have the opportunity to walk with a young lady for 10 years. FLY Life is designed to change the thinking of all participants and to build their confidence in their appearance. To change their mindset from a “What can I do in the future, to what can I do right now” mindset.

We push entrepreneurship, and the mindset that they can walk in your purpose now. Therefore, we training all of our adult leaders and mentors to carry this same mindset. We created a training manual and we conduct training sessions over the summer with all of our school chapter mentors. Their responsibility is to oversee their particular school chapter and teach the curriculum from our book to the girls every week. We have currently trained 5 FLY Life adult leaders. They are required to pass a background check annually.


FLY Life has impacted my life in many ways. Before I was in FLY Life I was a lost little girl. Now that I am in FLY Life, it has taught me my worth , how to humble myself, success and how to handle things. In other words FLY Life taught me what life is and how to handle it. "Be Humble , Be Kind , Be Honest , Be Loyal , and most importantly BE YOURSELF!" -Oumou Bah, Class of 2020

FLY Life has impacted my life in mysterious ways. It has changed me from a young minded girl unto a young adult. FLY Life isn't about pouring your heart out. It's has fun times as well. FLY Life is more than mentoring and leadership. -Lekeisha Dudley, Class of 2016

FLY is a safehouse for young ladies who are surrounded by bodies of negativity and insecurities. FLY taught me not to be the woman who needs a man but the woman a man needs. FLY taught me to love myself because nobody could love you or believe in you until you decide to feel those things for yourself first. FLY taught me that i can't change what happened to me and that I shouldn't because my test is my testimony and I could use whatever I went through to make me stronger, wiser, and to uplift someone else. -Jada Hargrove, Class of 2016


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